In the horrible event that your MacBook breaks down your biggest worry is who to call in order to fix this issue. With the popularity of the device, in most countries there are a number of places and vendors that you can choose from.

Finding the Vendor

Finding the right vendor can be a tricky task for many people. The problem here is that you want someone who you can trust and also someone who will do a good job for a fair and reasonable price. The most obvious option you might think up of is the Apple’s own service centers. However what you have to remember here is that these places are not often the cheapest and sometimes are all too happy to charge you a little extra for a small or minor issue. So your best bet is to search online. Using a phrase such as “macbook pro repair singapore”, you can easily get a list of potential vendors to choose from.

Filtering the List

The next most crucial step is to filter the list down. A good way to start doing this is to checkout their website. This along with their Facebook or other social media pages should give you an idea of how professional each place is. A poorly designed website or an arrogant admin on a social media page can show you quite easily that the vendor is not too customer centric.

Further you can also go through the reviews of the place, especially if they have a social media presence. Good or bad experiences are now almost always recorded online with people providing their feedback. However be cautious on how you read this. Sometimes you have the individuals, who will always post nasty comments or bar reviews and nothing will be good enough for them. On the flip side, there may be people who post good comments without knowing what they are talking about. Therefore it is better to read the more descriptive reviews and also if possible see other reviews the person has done so you know the type. However in general the overall rating of the place on social media should give a good indication of the place.

Visit the Sort List Vendors

Next visit the sort listed vendors. This will help you get a personal feel for them and also to compare the prices and also the work. The best option is the one who gives the most reasonable price and also the most reasonable work time. Comparing each vendor’s responses will help you pick the best option that fits your needs and abilities.

Once done all you need to do is hand over the device. However make sure you at least get a note of acceptance of the work order and hope for the best. Sometimes even the best filtered vendors can have a bad day.


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