In this modern age, advancement and technologies impacted the latest trend in the advertising industry. Television ads and prints are the steadiest and still the most used marketing strategy. But with the help of technology, marketers were able to open new and improved ways to market more people.

QR Codes

QR code stands for the Quick Response code. It is a two-dimensional symbol related to the UPC that stands for Universal Product Code or most popularly known as “barcode”. QR code became an interactive tool. By scanning the code, consumers were able to retrieve additional and beneficial information about the promotions and/or products. QR code becomes a trend these days. By simply scanning the QR code using a smartphone, it can initiate actions like making a phone call, opening a website, or even send an SMS. Everyone can make a free QR code of their own business to place symbol of their company’s business card, coupons, print ads, brochures, and TV spots are even possible.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is not new in the advertising and marketing industry. It has gained popularity in the year 2003. Its existence greatly depended on the birth of social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Content marketing comes with magazine or newspaper articles that are editorially written to promote certain products. It is also present in blogs that are uploaded and published online for promotions and advertisements. This is another trend especially nowadays that we have lots of bloggers and social media influencers.

Digitalized Print Ads

With the help of technology, printing has never been so easy. Although there are lots of online advertisements in different social media platforms, print ads are still a thing today. With digitalized printing, designs, formats, and production will be easy. You can print anything such as digital name card printing, banners, posters, and print ads. It never goes out of trends especially that it has a touch of technological innovations. With the enhanced designs, and more catchy posters and banners, people are still persuaded to buy products or join promotions printed by these digital printers.


Online Marketing


In this modern era, people greatly depended on the internet and the web to search for everything they need. Marketers took this opportunity to reach a wider range of consumers. They use online marketing and advertisement that is on top of the latest trend. No wonder why every time we search on the internet, thousands of ads pop up on our screen. One of the latest online trends is the SEO or search engine optimization. This is a technique wherein a specific product is stated in the keyword to get higher rank when it comes to search results.

There are several advertising trends and advancements that are widely used in the marketing strategy of a company. Companies just have to figure out the best strategy to get the attention of most people and persuade them to buy products.

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