The Big Question today, E-commerce or Traditional Retail. Both methods do have their disadvantages but we really can deny all the glorious benefits they provide.

What is E-Commerce?

The sale or purchase of goods or services over an electronic medium, like the internet. Includes electronic transfer of data and funds over 2 or more parties.

Why Use E-Commerce?

A lot of us still deny the concept of E-Commerce, but research before assuming. Just google Ecommerce Website Singapore and be open to an infinite number of options and suggestions.

  • Convenient and Easy: No more rushing to work at 8 am or running back and forth to look for items. And the customers save a lot of time and effort too.
  • Detailed Product Information: Customers are provided with detailed product information. Example: Color, Size, Design, and Price.
  • More Competent: Comparatively cheap and easy to start up. Fewer employees and management costs.
  • Worldwide Sales: Through E-Commerce, you can reach a wide audience. The entire population of the world will have access to your website.
  • Open 24/7: Order and Shop at any time. Time is an irrelevant factor, you can purchase goods and services at any time you desire.
  • Boosts Awareness: Worldwide access lead to more advertising and promotes your company without much effort

What is Traditional Retail?

The traditional family owned retail businesses. It contributes to development by providing the right goods and services at the right time. In simple, they meet consumer demands.

Why Use The Traditional Method?

  • Customer Rapport: Retailers or Employees have direct contact with customers. Good connection leads to more brand loyalty and customer support. Retailers will also have a better idea of what the consumer’s desire.
  • Greater Options: A lot of retail stores have a variety of options to choose from in comparison to wholesalers.
  • Less Drama: No more shipping costs, import taxes or online frauds. Retailers provide more confidence and few conflicts. Other Issues like exchange and refunds are simpler processes in retail stores.
  • Instant Gratification: Customers receive their product instantly. They can try it, analyze it and then purchase it. No more waiting or struggling for exchange.
  • Sales Potential: Retail Stores have greater sales potential. Customers may enter the store looking for one product but usually end up buying a lot more.
  • Enjoyment: Customers can enjoy quality time with their friends or family when shopping. It has been one of the best time spending methods and always will be.

Both trading methods are simple and successful. Clearly, any business depends on its smooth functioning. Be wise and make the right choice.

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