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Every brand needs its voice on cyber space

The ultimate objective of any brand is to be remembered and get positioned in the minds of the customers as a brand which has a differentiation, and then obviously be demanded. Traditional communicational methods such as press releases, paper/ magazine advertisements, catalogues or even the sales promotions can have an […]


Data Storage Options We Have

As we use computers we have to always think about the data storage options we have. That is because if there is no proper way to store our data we are going to be in big trouble. What work we do using computers is all going to be saved as […]


E-Commerce orTraditional Retail!

The Big Question today, E-commerce or Traditional Retail. Both methods do have their disadvantages but we really can deny all the glorious benefits they provide. What is E-Commerce? The sale or purchase of goods or services over an electronic medium, like the internet. Includes electronic transfer of data and funds […]